I was born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Spent most of my time as a kid playing Star Wars figures in my room. Alone. In my room. I loved creating stories of good versus evil. Being the one that saved the princess. Or a small group of innocent aliens. Flash forward many years, I marry the princess and help create these little aliens.

In college I really fell in love with improv. ComedySportz, Milwaukee is where I got my start. Performing in over 5000 shows in 10 years. I got to be apart of some amazing groups in Milwaukee and Los Angeles like The Dead Alewives, Old Milwaukee and The Resistance. I also did sketch comedy with ACME Main Company for several years.

Now you can find me on television doing guest stars, co-stars, Jimmy Kimmel bits, commercials and what not. Or find me at the zoo with my family. Who knows where I’ll be next.